The Flash Season 4 Episode 22 Recap

The 22nd of episode of the 4th season of The Flash is out.

Read the recap below of Empire Season 4 Episode 22, 

The Flash Season 4 Episode 22 Recap

John Diggle from Arrow makes an appearance at the first scene or better still, Devoe at ARGUS and causes chaos. Team Flash still continue to look for ways to bring Devoe down but Harry still remains dumb and more dumb as ever. Caitlyn goes for therapy over Killer Frost. Team Flash all thanks to Iris’s Blog, get a lead on Devoe. “Devoe is coming for Borman” is sent to Iris. Team Flash meets John Diggle (the real one lol) for help but Team Flash finds out that they only have 12 hours still “The Enlightenment” begins. Joe is moving Cecil to the hospital as her due date approaches. Caitlyn and Cisco find a way they can stop Devoe but Barry has to take them with him to FlashTime. Barry trains both of them on how to focus while in FlashTime. Joe brings Cecil to STAR labs for Caitlyn to check her out. They all find out that apart from Cecil being able to read people’s mind, she now inhabits their behaviors. This can’t stop until after Cecil delivers. Harry and Iris both work together investigating Marlize. To conclude that it is better to have her with them. Caitlyn injures while training in FlashTime. Cecil powers are now affecting her more ad she confronts Joe that she is Joe. WTF?! but Joe pulls her back to reality. Barry and Cisco confront each other. Barry doesn’t want to lose his friends (Caitlyn & Cisco) but Cisco seems to think otherwise. They all go over to ARGUS to confront Devoe. Both Cisco and Caitlyn help out the Devoe’s hostages while Flash himself goes after Devoe and destroy one of Devoe’s satellite successfully. Caitlyn asks Cisco to help her vibe into a memory she had been repressing for a long time. She finds out that Killer Frost had actually been a part of her for a very long time. Long before, the particle accelerator exploded. Iris and Harry meet up with Malize in Oxford, England. They try to convince her to join them in their fight against Devoe. Devoe goes to STAR labs to use their satellite to replace the one Barry destroyed and Team Flash is helpless.
The End.

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