Empire Season 4 Episode 17 Recap

The 17th of episode of the 4th season of Empire is out.

Read the recap below of Empire Season 4 Episode 17,

Empire Season 4 Episode 17 Recap

The episode opens with Tiana performing for the Board at the welcome party for Eddie Parker at the Boardroom of Empire. The Board reinstates Eddie Parker as Executive Consultant at Empire. Lucious, Cookie and Thirsty try and figure out a way out of this mess but Cookie sends Andre and Thirsty out to have a conversation with Lucious. Cookie suggests they buy Empire back but that means Empire is no longer on New York Stock Exchange and is private and later Lucious agrees. Jamal on the other hand and his secret band made of nobodies are making good music. Hakeem and his new bae seem to be loving each other more and more. Lucious and Eddie both have another confrontation and Lucious is on the losing side. Lucious, Cookie, Andre and Thirsty try to figure a way to get Empire. Andre meets with Eddie and Anika and tries to convince them that he is on their side. Eddie agrees. A press conference is organized for Andre to prove his loyalty whereby he announces his switch in allegiance. They all decide to go out and on the way out, Andre goes back in and snaps how much Eddie is being offered for the acquisition of Empire. To make up to $650 million dollars, Lucious, alongside Cookie and Thirsty decide to hold a party whereby they would raise funds. Eddie’s ex wife tries to convince Eddie that Andre is playing him but Eddie tells her to trust him. While, Lucious, Cookie and Hakeem are discussing the line up for the party, Becky interrupts and puts on the TV. Blake father is being interviewed and Blake comes on the show and explains all what happened and tries to assault his father. This makes Lucious change his mind about Blake though the others are not sure about this. Lucious meets up with Jamal and wants his secret band but Jamal tells him No. Lucious leaves angrily and tells Jamal to think about it. The “Rent” party is on and Hakeem apologises to Blake on stage. Both of them perform together. Tiana comes to the show and watches from backstage. Hakeem introduces the love of his life in stage and Tiana gets prepared to come on stage but he invites his former co movie star, his new bae and they both perform his song with Tiana. Tiana storms out. Eddie and his future buyer tell Andre they know all about his scheme and they make him know that Empire is to be bought for $700 million and not $650 million. Andre is devastated and he goes into the server room at Empire. He shutdown the Empire XStream and comes up with a better idea (what a genius). Once Empire Xstream is back up in the next 15 minutes, Empire is ready to shock the world. Cookie announces this to the audience and comes to the backstage asking for what could actually shock the world and Lucious sees Jamal. Jamal finally agrees to go outside with his secret band and his band agrees but Tori is out. Lucious tells his audience when Empire XStream is back up that Empire is being attacked by Eddie Parker. Jamal’s band is unveiled and anonymous is out in public. A lot of people come through for both Lucious and Cookie as the whole world donates to them. Tori joins the band on stage later. Eddie’s camp is hit hard. They make the money back and are able to save Empire. Hakeem and his bae are done as he is still in love with Tiana. Lucious and Cookie get into a romantic mood. Eddie and his ex wife both come to see both Lucious and Cookie. Eddie says he has come to give Lucious one last chance. Eddie has an evidence that Lucious killed Shyne and gives Lucious an option to sell Empire or go to prison


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