Jamb 2018/2019 Change Of Course And Change Of Institution

The Jamb 2018 Change Of Course or Institution has officially begun. If you have been looking for how to go about it, don’t worry you are in the right place. This post would guide you so make sure you take note of everything written in this post.

You may be asking what are the reasons I should apply for “Change Of Course” Or “Change Of Institution”. There are so many reasons why you should apply. Here are reasons why you should below;

Why Should I Apply For 2018 Jamb Change Of Course/Institution

• Lost Of Interest In Either The Course Or Institution: You might have heard something about the course or school you are going for thus, making you lose interest in that school.

2. Scoring Below The Cut Off Mark: This is the most common reason for many people applying for Change Of Course or Institution. You could have scored below the general cut off mark for your school of choice which is one of the basic requirements for you to be considered for admission.

3. Irregularities When Filling Out Your Jamb Form: Another reason could be attributed to the fact that there were so many irregularities after filling out your Jamb form. You could have made mistakes and not have the opportunity of correcting details.

4. Family Pressure: Some people do change their course or institutions due to the pressure they receive from their family. For example, someone might have decided to go for Nursing while his or her parents would prefer Law. My own advice, go for what you desire. Do not say I would give my parents the certificate after I graduate. You might not even graduate due to poor grades which could be as a result of low interest in the course or you just waste four (4) years.

Things To Note During Application

• There may be a limited number of courses/institutions you can change to, make sure you have about 3 to 4 options available.

• The cost for correction is #2,500 but you would still spend more.

• After submission, you cannot make any other changes about from change of course or institution which is allowed only TWICE.

How To Apply For Jamb Change Of Course /Change Of Institution 2018

Follow the following steps and you are good to go.

Step 1:
Log in to your Jamb profile
Step 2:
Go to the menu tap on your Jamb profile.
Step 3:
Click on the register tab and you would see “UTME correction data”
Step 4:
Fill in the details and correct whatever you want to correct.
Step 5:
Payment. You can either pay through the bank or online via Jamb portal.
Step 6:
After making payment of #2,500, go to the nearest Jamb office or accredited centre to complete the process. You would be charged additional fee.

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