Black Panther: Wakanda Should Exist In Our Hearts

Yes! I saw Marvel’s Black Panther and I can’t keep my thoughts to myself. I’ll try not to give spoilers in this post just in case you’re yet to see the movie. Hopefully this post would prompt you to see it and with a better perspective.

black panther

At the beginning of the movie, I was wondering if the hype and excitement would hit me like it did millions of viewers all over the world. Cassie Daves, a fashion blogger, put my excitement on a leash when she said on Instagram that she didn’t feel emotional about the movie even after seeing the movie twice.

Well, I did enjoy the movie and would rate it 8.5/10 because at the beginning I was struggling.

The journey to Wakanda stood out for me. A place that never existed in reality for Africans. We could use a Wakanda in Africa especially for every black man and woman that exists on this planet. To stand tall above racism and survive in the world without feeling out of place.

Wakanda is that place where Africa was never colonized. Where we didn’t have to play the second fiddle. Where our genius was evident and technology wasn’t a ‘white thing’. A place where we understand our strengths and our ridiculousness is equally as powerful. HOPE.

Our Wakanda was taken away the moment we were made slaves and saw ourselves as one. We found ourselves in foreign countries that we became dependent on. Despite the riches we’ve been blessed with, we can’t see beyond our poverty. We never became free. Africa has remained a developing nation struggling to become developed. Wakanda takes us to a developed Africa in mind, soul, culture and resources.

black panther

The Black Panther is the King of Wakanda. Black Panther is the hero that fought for the peace of Wakanda as human to earn the throne and a man filled with vibranium to do the impossible. Black Panther is the hero that lives in every black man waiting to be brought to light.

Some of us are waiting for the vibranium to activate the hero that we are born to become. When all we need to do is fight as the ‘ordinary’ man that we think that we are. Take on the challenge of being the King in the situation we’ve found ourselves even when the world feel we’re undeserving of this great responsibility.

Every African child is a Black Panther, an hero in his or her own right regardless of being male or female. Despite our self inflicted problems of traditions that have crippled the strength of our individuality — the segregation of the male and female gender.

In Africa, the battle has never been racism, its the ignorance of seeing the strength in every individual regardless of our gender and the roles they play.Temitoria

In Wakanda, female soldiers defended the throne with absolute loyalty that was beyond ties and sentiments. It reflected the beauty of a woman’s dedication to anything or anyone. That’s one way to see it.

black pantherWhy fight for gender inequality when both sexes have been created uniquely to aid one another? We can stand as heroes in our own right. In Wakanda, the King’s sister wasn’t intimidated and wasn’t sidelined. She wasn’t waiting to be betrothed or married off to a rich prince.

black panther

In Wakanda, the women took their place where they knew they could best add value. Isn’t that what victory is about? Everyone playing their roles perfectly to ensure a win. It’s a squad with positions, everyone is important because the head is truly nothing without the body.

Wakanda should exist in the heart of every African, no matter where they find ourselves. It’s a land full of power, regardless of the tribe you belong. You have endless possibilities that you need to take charge of. Let nothing stop you from taking charge.

black pantherYou have something within you that makes you a part of Wakanda. You have special abilities in the most ordinary way that you can be king for. Wakanda needs you to be that writer, that dancer, that actress, that voice that speaks out, that engineer with a difference, that accountant, that musician, that comedian, that tech guru… Wakanda is Africa’s glory. That glory should exist within you till the Black Panther in you emerges.

The world outside might try to steal what you have, try to exploit you and who you are but the spirit that lives in you leaves no room for giving up. You have something the world desperately needs, they just don’t know it yet.

You’re a Black Panther. Vibranium or not! You’re the reason Wakanda exists. As long as you remain the Black Panther of the path you’ve chosen, Wakanda lives forever.

black pantherLet me know your thoughts. Leave a comment below. If you’ve seen the movie, rate it and let me know if you can relate with this post.

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Till I write you again.

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Sir David is currently a student of University Of Ibadan studying Political Science. He is the CEO of Kingston Media under which we currently have and Kingston Dome TV

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