The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 “True Colors” Synopsis And Recap

The 13th episode of the fourth (4th) installment of The Flash is out. This episode is titled “True Colors”.


Amunet strucks a deal to buy all metahumans in Iron Heights. Barry Allen has a tough decision on if he should expose his identity to his cellmates in order to save them. What would the Flash do? Also, Ralph is visited by an old friend is reminded of his past. He wonders if he is truly a changed man.


The Flash Season 4 Episode 13 Recap

Recall how the last episode ended, it was EPIC!!!
Amunet wants all Iron Heights Meta prisoners including Barry Allen.
Ralph is offered the type of work he did in the last but he turns it down and his old friend is not happy with it.
Cecil and Iris visit Barry Allen but Wolf (Barry’s kidnapper) lies to them and Cecil reads his thoughts and she gets to know he is lying.
Team Flash knows about this and then, Ralph then enters complaining about his old business partner. As he complains, he shape shifts into him and then back as Ralph. Iris gets an idea on how to save Barry from the meta wing of Iron Heights.
The Devoes have a very short and quick argument on trust then go back to dwell on Barry Allen’s escape from the Meta wing of Iron Heights. Barry if course is up to something. Ralph tries to shape shift to Wolf and after a second trial- success. Back to Barry, Barry successfully gets all metas out of their cells. Mrs Devoe blocks Devoe out of her mind in purpose while Ralph as Wolf goes to confront Amunet but something goes wrong as he turns back to himself. Wolf ( the real Wolf) finds out that all of his meta prisoners have all escaped and is hunting them. Kaitlyn/Killer Frost goes to talk to Ralph and he listens. The meta prisoners have all escaped and try to confront Wolf but he tells them that Barry Allen is The Flash. The man who put them all in prison but “Lucky Girl” (Is that a wack name? Well, that is what I call her) saves Barry but the Devoe comes in and turns them all against Barry. Cisco and Killer Frost try to break him out but he decides to stay until he is proven innocent.
At the appeal, Clifford Devoe (Ralph) comes in to save Barry and Barry is released. Team Flash celebrates. Clifford who is in “Lucky girl’s” body puts something in his wife’s drink to gain her trust.
The End.

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