The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

Previously on The Flash (lol). The first scene starts with chaos at Iron Heights. Barry had to do something. Recall, that Henry Allen (Barry’s father) was also a prisoner. Well, Barry is occupying the same room his father occupied.

Meanwhile, Team Flash is fighting crime hut sadly, without The Flash. Ralph becomes popular and is called “The Stretchy Man”. (What a terrible name, Ralph also agrees *winks*).
Barry is not having it easy in prison. He has new enemies.
Iris visits him regularly at 1:30 PM.
There is a breakout. Axel Walker who had confronted Barry Allen earlier was broken out by his mom. Joe later comes to prison for investigation purposes while Barry tries to help out.
Axel Walker takes after his father and wants to please him but his mom tells him that he doesn’t care but Axel is stubborn.
There is another attempt to bully Barry but he is saved by a fellow cellmate.
Axel Walker forces Ralph ” The Stretchy Man” out to confront him. Axel uses his “Axcid” to try and kill Ralph. Ralph’s leg is hit and he is in a bad condition (I mean very bad). Axel and his mom are soo crazy as they both get way too excited planning their next evil scheme.
Their next move is a crazy one (as expected). They take in hostages and threaten to kill them if Ralph doesn’t appear. They plan to shower their hostages with “Axcid”. Ralph fears dying and pulls out of Team Flash. He then goes to Barry in prison. They have a very deep conversation. The cellmate who helped Barry is beaten by those bullies. Cisco and Kaitlyn (Killer Frost) go out to confront Axel Walker and his mom put they get into their trap. Ralph comes in to save the day and did I mention he has a new super dope costume made by Cisco.
Barry hears those bullies beating up his benefactor.
Back to outside prison, Harry tries to neutralize the ” Axcid” but Cisco and Killer Frost are on the death seat. Ralph comes in to save the day and I can’t still get over his costume. Ralph and Harry are the heroes of the day most especially Ralph. Ralph changes his name to “The Elongated Man”. In the end, they were all saved by Barry Allen. A strange girl appears and she is WIERD!

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